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ZongBongs - we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality bongs Aussie Swinger Personals to enhance your stoned About Mobile Games experience. ZongBongs the site for glass pipes.

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Welcome to Zong Bongs. We stock a wide range of Bongs, Pipes and related items such as bongs from a variety of suppliers.

ZongBongs is the right place if you want to get stoned. We have the gear if you are into ganja, how to make hash, cannabis, marijuana or weed. Get a glass pipes today from ZongBongs and then get stoned.

If your too wrecked to find what you want, or have any other problems please contact one of our friendly staff for assistance (or maybe advice).

Soapstone Pipes

Soapstone Pipes - 5" soapstone chillum5" soapstone chillum

The chillum is an indian pipe, traditionally made of clay, which is smoked vertically with cupped hands holdng the base. A conical clay stone is used in place of a gauze or screen, tobacco is usually included in the smoking mix to give a even burn. A peice of cloth or silk called safi is used to filter the smoke and also for cleaning the chillum

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